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part of that is treating the president as just a member of the congregation. >> they are here to be reminded they are one of god's children regardless of what positions they have in life. >> that doesn't mean he can't get a little excited about a special role. >> it keeps you on your toes this corner of 16th and h you never know who will be in church. >> he was chosen after another pastor bowed out because of an antigaiser monday he gave back in the 1990's. the reverend has presided over a handful of same sex weddings and says scripture must be interpreted because it gives us direction, not directions. >> come back tonight just before 9:00 p.m. eastern for more of our special inauguration coverage and megyn will join me bringing live reports from the first couple during a candlelight celebration. thanks for inviting us back into your home tonight. that is live look at the place where the president will
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celebrate his inauguration ceremony. he has already started the second term. that is it for the special edition of "special report." we are still fair, balanced. >> a fox urgent, breaking news at this hour, police in albuquerque, new mexico are telling us they have a 15-year-old boy in custody after multiple murders at one location, some of the victims, we're learning, are young children. i'm harris falkner, police say it happened inside a home and it's still not clear what the suspect's connection is to the people who have been shot and killed on this sunday. police at the scene right now. we do know they have removed several weapons and they say each victim had been shot more than once. anna kooiman joining me now onset with this developing story. >> reporter: harris, here is what i can tell you we got
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confirmation that the 15-year-old was arrested and booked on two counts of murder and three counts of child abuse resulting in death. authorities will not be releasing a photo because the suspect is a minor. he is 15 years old. nehemiah greago. they say they still have detectives on the scene where the shooting took place late nigh around nine o'clock. it's in a rural area, about ten miles southwest of albuquerque, new mexico, authorities say it's a large home with lots of physical evidence and they've found multiple weapons, including a semi automatic military style rifle and a spokesperson for the sheriff's department says they can't say at this time who the weapons belong to i see you on your iphone and getting new information and in fact, just getting the suspect's name and getting information on the victim? >> right, authorities confirm that the victims are an adult male, an adult female and thee children between the ages of three and ten years old. and authorities say the shooting scene appears to be the home of both the suspect
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and the victims. but they can't say for sure if the suspect was related to the victims. the motive is not immediately known at this time and the investigation is ongoing. of course, we will continue to follow this story, bringing more as it develops. >> harris: this is such a huge crime scene in that neighborhood, anna, if you learn more we'll bring you back. thank you very much. of course, as we learn more in our news room, we'll update you with updates throughout this hour in the news room. and also tonight on the fox report, it's the true test of any democracy, the transition of power without a hitch. >> i barak hussein obama do solemnly swear-- >> and we count down to the main public event tomorrow, the inaugural address. so what will president obama tell americans he'll do about the deadlock that's gripping d.c.? and what could we expect to see over the next four years? we have live fox team
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coverage. >> also, the bloody hostage crisis at that oil plant in the african desert. now, worse than anyone first thought. what they're finding as forces finally secure the scene, plus the state of the american hostages and the hunt for the so-called one-eyed terrorist who has taken credit for the deadly siege. >> president barack obama officially beginning the second term as president today, while the pomp and circumstance is set for tomorrow, the president quietly took the oath of office at a private ceremony earlier today at the white house. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations mr. president. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. thank you so much. >> harris: and with his family at his side, president obama was sworn in by supreme court chief justice john roberts just before noon today. tomorrow the president will do it all over again. the constitution mandates the president be sworn in on
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january 20th, which is today. but because of a 19th century tradition banning public inaugurations on sundays, all pageantry will be held tomorrow. we'll have fox team coverage tonight. an and chief correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill and let's start with ed henry. the chief justice and the president got it right this time, i understand it. >> you'll remember four years ago, there was a slip-up and they had to do redo it at the white house to make sure the president had legally been sworn into office and a little bit the chief had some note cards and he tried to memorize it, but his youngest daughter sasha teased him, he hadn't messed it up. this was a serious moment, obviously. the president sworn in for a second term and only the 16th to win two consecutive terms and in addition to that historic moment that i
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mentioned, there was a lighter moment whereas a dad, he had to have fun with his daughters. take a listen. >> thank you, sir. [applaus [applause]. thank you. >> i did it. >> all right. thank you, everybody. >> i did it, he said. sasha says, he didn't mess up. a little bit more of a rush for vice-president biden and he was sworn in a few hours before noon because justice sonya sotomayor has a new book out and she had to catch a train to get from washington to new york city for a book signing. a pretty good book deal for her to have everybody talking how she had to get to this book signing, harris. >> harris: yeah, if i'm her publicist, i am 'm saying it worked out pretty well. we're learning more about what the president's inaugural speech will look like tomorrow. what will it look like. >> reporter: his top advisors say he's been scratching it out in long hand as he likes to do on yellow legal pads and
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kicking around with staffers and what not. he has his hands all over the themes, the two big ones, he wants to try to bring washington together on the big divisive issues and he we talked about it four years ago and it hasn't exactly worked out, but he also wants to talk about the public, a call to action, saying you can't just be involved during the the election, you've got to be involved in the big issues after the election and what his aides say following what republicans say about the bad signs they're seeing about how l, take ident is pushing a listen. >> we have on immigration, gun safety, deficit reduction, methods for the economy, and we've got a pretty stacked agenda and urgency in the country to address it. >> what i don't think is constructive what the president is doing, within minutes of that horrible tragedy in newtown, the president began trying to exploit that tragedy to push a gun control agenda that's designed to appeal to partisans, designed to appeal to his political partisans.
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>> you rather freshman republican ted cruz suggesting that the president has been trying to take advantage of the newtown tragedy and the white house aides previously denied that. what is interesting is that some of those divisive details about gun control, immigration reform, we're told by aides at the white house will not come up tomorrow and the president will try to do the broad bush and follow up with the details on some of the issues, state in the union address, that's next month back on capitol hill. >> ed, thank you very much. the landscape of the president obama's second term is pretty different than when he came into the white house four years ago, as you know, and ed was kind of alluding to, republicans now control the house and you need to look no further than the recent game of political chicken over the fiscal cliff to see just how divided washington d.c. is. more showdowns loom. an example, our nation's debt and controlling what many americans consider to be out of control government spending. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live for us on the hill tonight.
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mike, what do key republicans think of president obama's attitude toward congress? >> well, harris, they do not like the fact that the president is transitioning his campaign to a new purpose for the second term, they feel like that's a bad sign. they lost do not like it when president obama goes around the united states congress, bottom line, missouri senator roy blunt is saying the time for president obama to be more realistic. >> he speaks in general terms, he likes the executive order approach a whole lot better than the legislative approach and you really can't get all that more with the executive orders, you've he got to legislate and realistically, you don't control the entire congress. >> and blunt says with divided congress with republicans controlling the house, that requires compromise and he says there is an opportunity if there's proper leadership to get some big things done, harris. >> harris: you know, from outside washington it's pretty basic for people looking in.
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1,362 days since senate democrats passed a budget. a key area where there is discord between these parties seem to be that, passing a budget. >> well, you're absolutely right and republicans love hammering the democratic controlled senate for that figure, the fact that it's been almost four years since they passed a budgets. they like quoting the number more than 1360 days, and today a top senate democrat says that's going to change. >> we've been-- always intended to do a budget this year for two reasons. first, it's not true that we haven't had budget control in effect over the last several years, the budget control act of 2011 put rigid spending cuts that are in effect, that were in effect last year, we cut a trillion dollars. we didn't like it, in effect, it expires this year, so we need a budget. >> and republicans would like to see that budget full of spending cuts. democrats have different ideas, so you can count on that being a fight after all
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the partying is over. harris. >> mike emanuel, thank you. stay with fox news channel for updates of the inaugural festivitying taking place later tonight and also coming up in the fox report, a special guest to talk about what four more years of president obama could look like. well, tonight, disturbing new developments at the natural gas plant where an american and other foreign workers were taking hostage last week. algerian forces are searching for explosives on that huge complex grounds, because they feel like the place may be booby trapped and in their search they're finding dozens of additional bodies. no one knew just how many people had died at the hands of the terrorists there. some of the bodies, so badly disfigured they couldn't tell if they were terrorists or hostages. tonight we know, they were all hostages, doubling the numbers of victims in the attack, tonight the body count could be 80 hostages and terrorists
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found to date. so far we've been told at least one of the victims is an american. algerian special forces stormed the complex yesterday as we told you, bringing the four-day siege to an end. well, right now, next door to algeria, the fight against terrorists going on in the african nation of mali. today, french forces extending deployment in that part of the country and reinforcing their presence in town where radical islamists took control nine months ago, on the screen right now, a new video of a french helicopter landing at a forward base, at the moment. france has 2000 troops on the ground and the goal is for african coalitions to eventually take the lead in the fight and the pentagon answering the call to help out france giving intelligence and logistical support. we'll watch that situation to see if it changes. throughout this, analysts say one thing is clear, anti-american terrorism is surging overseas. a former state department official says the future of our policy in that part of the
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world is something the obama administration had better put first on its list of emergencies to deal with. or wise, keeping us safe here at home is going to get a lot tougher. we'll talk with that expert coming up. and also, the debate that's shaping up to be a huge part of the president's second term. today, the white house standing firm one day after gun enthusiasts nationwide sent d.c. a strong message. stay close. ♪ [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watcng. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit.
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>> with president obama's second term officially underway as of today, the white house says it's ready to tackle reform, gun control and the nation's debt. in the first term the president and congress didn't seem to agree on much of anything and this very issue seemed to dig them deeper into conflict. four more years of president obama, what could that look like? and thomas, a contributor for forbes magazine and when it comes to politics, an interesting background. thomas the press secretary
4:17 pm
coordinating congress and the oval office and you've had experience on weekends like this. what indications are you seeing about what the next four years will look like? >> well, it's really happening, it's actually not happening on capitol hill. it's happening with obama for america. today, obama for america, the president's very effective political infrastructure, became organizing for action, a 501 c-4 education organization, ostensibly, and they're going to be helping drive the obama agenda out there on a very grass roots level much like they did with the campaign. >> harris: and why does that matter? >> it matters because i think you know, listen, four years ago, president stood on the west end of the capitol and said he would set out remaking america, as if america needed remaking and started pushing, a political agenda.
4:18 pm
and inencumbered i think he's going to be aggressive. >> harris: we've heard about the agenda the next four years, hearing things like reduction in our debt, so on, so forth. a couple of things we haven't heard, creation of jockbs and what's happening in north africa and foreign policy, at least not yet. where should they make a move? >> if the president is true to his word, he needs to do something about the economy, about job creation. there are more unemployed or underemployed people in this country today than there were when the president first took office. we've seen a 33% increase in spending on welfare programs. the african-american unemployment rate in this country is double the national average. and nothing that the president is talking about right now seems to be geared toward putting those people back to work. >> i want to put some numbers on the screen right now, it's
4:19 pm
fox news polling that's new and how the people feel about the president now compared with four years ago. 47% disapprove, compared with 16% four years ago and look at the flip-flop in terms of those who approve there on the screen, and 47-65%, the jobs that you're talking about, maybe point a little to that, but there are other things that you've written about in a column. >> absolutely. look, you have a middle class whose incomes have gone down, you have a lot of folks who were really surprised by the fact that their paycheck had less money in it a couple of weeks ago. we started january, 2013, with the biggest tax increase in 20 years, and we have obamacare taxes, 20-some odd of them being phased in, another 500 billion dollars and the president stood up at press conference last week and said, i'm coming for more money and congressional democrats are going to try and help him. >> harris: all right. tom, the president has a speech planned in prime time tonight, that's kind of the pre-address to the big address tomorrow at the inauguration for the public to see and i read in your forbes column today that you said that
4:20 pm
there's a reason not to watch the president's speech. he's the president. why wouldn't we watch? >> well, i think beyond so help me god, tomorrow's speech isn't going be to be able to telegraph to those 23 million americans who are still out of work that this -- that this administration really cares about pro growth policy. if your a going to double down on spending and you're going to double down on increasing taxation and ultimately expand the box of the people who are going to be paying for this government, you're not going to be helping put those people back to work and my point of my column is very simple, if an inauguration, inaugural speech, inaugural address is written for any group of people, it's the folks who are struggling in this country and i don't think the president is speaking to them right now. >> harris: in fairness, you also point out you don't think that republicans have talked enough about job creation. >> not enough. they have to get on the ball and start talking to people who are making under $75,000 a year. >> harris: before i let you go. the gun control debate in this country, we saw the president
4:21 pm
put forth no less than 23 executive orders, how does that shape it going forward? >> i think it demonstrates how aggressive he's going to be, if trying, if he can circumvent congress, buts' also telling us he's going to take this to the american people and that's why what's going on with organizing for action is going to be important. i think one of their first jobs is going to be tackling the second amendment. >> harris: it's interesting. we have seen four years of discord and divisiveness and fighting. the issues may change. it sounds like the-- it could be bumpy though. and thank you for your experience. and millions of you are in the part of the country with bone chilling temperatures. look at this video, looks punishing. the coldest some of us have been in four years, we'll tell you where. plus, the bad weather to blame for stranding thousands of flyers here and leaving families stuck sleeping on the
4:22 pm
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>> the debate over gun control is refusing to take a back seat to the president's inaugural festivities. and lawmakers crafting both pro and anti-gun legislation this week and this has the white house admits they do not expect all of the president's gun proposals to make it through congress after a huge show second amendment and gun rallies peacefully in cities nationwide yesterday against the president's sweeping federal gun control measures. gun owners filling gun show stores and ranges for gun appreciation day. and doug mcelway with more from washington. >> harris, a change in gun
4:26 pm
laws after the sandy hook massacre is beginning to meet realities. and rand paul is proposing to introduce to nullify. and dianne feinstein-- >> leader reid intends to make guns one of the earliest things we consider on the floor and chairman leahy talk about hearings right away i think you're going to see action quickly. >> some doubt that. there are 20 democratic seats up for grabs in the year 2014 including in the gun friendly states of arkansas, alaska, iowa, louisiana, colorado, new hampshire and south dakota. after the assaults weapons ban in 1994 democrats lost control of the house, all of which suggests compromise may be in the works. >> we don't expect it all to pass or in its current forms. we think that there are elements of it-- >> anding this a moment we can do something about mental
4:27 pm
health, information sharing, maybe background checks and or things as well, but it has to be a plan that could possibly work or president won't get it done. >> other republicans suggest that a new assault weapons ban would be no more effective than the old one. >> when the ban expired there were nearly 700 murders using all rifles, today there are roughly 300, less than half. >> so the president vowed he will do everything he can to redu reduce gun-related carnage and to that end he's putting out grass roots support for new restrictions on guns, harris. >> harris: doug, thank you. u.s. made missiles are almost in place in turkey as a civil war rages on across the border in syria. even still, many people in turkey are not happy to see western troops on their turf. more on that coming up. plus, a television news icon rushed to the hospital. we will have the latest on barbara walters coming up. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
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>> i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. a deadly shooting in new mexico, the accused gunman just 15 years old. police saying he opened fire inside a home in albuquerque, killing two adults and three children, children between the ages of just three and ten. the number of weapons were found and the identity is not released, on why this
4:32 pm
15-year-old shot them. and arctic air creating dangerous conditions for millions of americans, the coldest air in more than four years, hitting the nation's mid section tonight. meteorologist maria molina is live for us in the fox weather center. >> good to see you, that's right, we're talking about very cold temperatures across portions of the upper midwest with high temperatures that aren't even going to make it above zero degrees in the coming days, right now already starting to feel it. 6 degrees right now in the city of minneapolis and below that across areas in northern minnesota and also north dakota. so, for today we did make it above zero, tomorrow, martin luther king day, as warm as it's going to get in minneapolis and that's the actual temperature not the wind chill so you factor in the winds to that, and it will feel colder. 9 degrees below zero in fargo and that will moderate across the midwest, but single digits and that colder air is going to move eastbound and
4:33 pm
impacting us on the i-95 corrid corridor, in d.c., 20 degrees for your high and the colder air moving over the great lakes, lake effect snow up to a foot in possible, lake ontario and erie, and harris, tomorrow, it's a big day in d.c. and temperatures are going to be chilly. we could make it to 42 in the afternoon, but again, that cold air is moving in by the evening we're talking low 30's and even a chance for a couple of flurries. >> harris: actually, compared to the years past. >> some historical dates. >> harris: still chilly for standing out there. maria molina. thank you very much. president obama officially sworn in for the second term today. supreme court justice john roberts conducting the ceremony in the blue room at the white house. to meet the requirement that the president officially take office by january 20th. and the vice-president sworn
4:34 pm
in, justice sonya sotomayor doing the honors and they laid a wreath at the arlington national cemetery. the speech, the parade, the parties are all taking place tomorrow. we already know what the forecast is going to be, now, chief political correspondent carl cameron is live in washington for us tonight. they lowered the crowd estimates for tomorrow. >> yeah, they sort of explained it by saying that second inaugurals never have the degree of enthusiasm that first inaugurals do. that appears to be the case this time. four years ago, barack obama drew nearly 2 million people here, and overhead shots. 1.8 million was the actual number and they expected to have between 600 and 800,000 people showing up on the national mall, but this afternoon lowered it to 5 to 700. and on some level it's not just waning the second inaugurals, but in this particular case, the obama administration recognizes the economy is tough and an awful lot of challenges facing the
4:35 pm
nation and this is a much more business oriented getting the job done type of inaugural festivities. >> you're pointing to the issue of money there and i understand they cut back on the expenses? >> well, they did. they had, last time around raised 53 million dollars. this time they changed the way they did that. allowing corporate contribu contributions and they've cut the ball, there were ten balls in 2009 and president obama and the first lady went to a number of them and this time just two and while the venues are bigger, the verizon center, it's part of trying to recognize that the country has big challenges ahead and the work really begins the day after tomorrow. >> harris: carl cameron keeping an eye on it for all of us, live. thank you very much, carl. barbara walters is recovering from a bump on the head the veteran news person, or news woman i should say tripped and
4:36 pm
fell at the home of britain's ambassador to the u.s. during an inaugural party and the fall left her with a cut on her for head, she remained alert, but the friends at the party thought it was a good idea to take her to the hospital for a full examination. it's unclear when she will be released from the hospital. walters, 83, had heart surgery just a couple of years ago. new information from algeria following the hostage crisis at one of the gas plants. the military raided and seized it. and algerian forces found 25 more bodies and the bodies in such bad condition, it wasn't clear if they were hostages or terrorists. then late today we got reports that actually the bodies are all of hostages. if that is indeed the case, that doubles the number of victims killed in the siege and brings the overall number of lives lost to at least 80. connor powell is in our mideast bureau with details on this, connor?
4:37 pm
>> reporter: harris, algerian officials are warning that the death toll is likely to increase as more information is released. at least one american is dead. a television station is r reporting that dozens of bodies have been found and there are booby traps all offer the bp plant. it's slow going. initially said that all 32 islamic militants that launched the attack were killed in the raid in the raid by special forces and this is the type of confusing and inconsistent information coming from algeria since the start of the attack four days ago. algerian government appears not wanting to work with other forces, and algeria
4:38 pm
announcing, and not encouraging signs for other foreigners working there, harris. >> harris: connor, thank you. let's talk more about it. the white house says that al-qaeda and groups linked to the terror network, saying that the latest tragedy in algeria how they'll use civilians to advance their agenda. that's not exactly a news flash, they've been doing that for a while. and the former state department, special advisor to secretary of state for global affairs and former deputy special envoy. thank you for joining us tonight. one of the greatest criticisms in this attack on algeria, the u.s. was not allowed to go in and get our own people out of there, and that seems to be the agreement that's playing out. we saw this in benghazi, libya, too, to some degree. what does it mean in terms of moving forward now? >> well, i think there's just a view that is across a number of governments and especially across terrorist organizations and islamist political
4:39 pm
organizations that the united states isn't that serious and the group that pulled this off, may have learned more from the benghazi attack than had a lot of people in washington did. after that attack, the president talked tough, the secretary of state talked tough and so did the secretary of defense, but nothing much happened. in fact, journalists beat the fbi to that diplomatic compound by several weeks and terrorists are seeing a lot of green lights across the region. what do we need to do differently? >> well, i think we should be be serious about not only attacking terrorist groups, forgetting the incorrect line that al-qaeda is on its heels. clearly it's not. forget the line that the president used throughout the campaign that the tide of war is receding. unfortunately, our enemies get a vote in whether or not that's true and may have voted that it's not true. most importantly, what does motivate the terrorists? there's an ideology that is driving us that hasn't been addressed by the obama administration. frankly it wasn't addressed that well by the administration in which i served, but looking at egypt, looking at tunisia and the islamists and the brotherhood
4:40 pm
are doing at the battle box, alongside what the terrorists are doing at the battle field and figuring out how to push back against that. >> it's interesting, i hear you talking in wider term about the arab spring and that this is really kind of been a building now. talk with me more about that. >> well, you know, early days in arab spring, in cairo, tahrir square, they weren't long bearded militants like in 1979. they were modernist, secular, still proud muslim, people didn't want to unify mosque ap states and replace civil law with sharia law, but it's been co-opted and part of that because the washington stoeshment was complicit. john mccain and lindsey graham, meeting and welcoming the muslim brotherhood and the white house doing that. and we haven't been serious about getting behind secular forces in the middle east, the same way we were getting behind anti-communist parties in the cold war in europe.
4:41 pm
recreating that would be a much better way to go in my opinion. >> as you look at that part of the world, it's volatile. we know that terrorists are there. and we know next door, the french are fighting in mali to drive out terrorists there and they've asked for our help. we've got a situation in turkey where we've just put patriot missiles on the ground to help them out because they've got a civil war next door playing out inside syria. going forward, i mean, it sounds like this needs to be a part of the world where we engage, but how do we engage without putting our people in harm's way? >> right, well, we should be be smart about doing it. and a relatively new african command and that's the overriding story. the nexxis of the islamist insurgency in many ways was central asia in the last kek dade and it's looking increasingly like africa and moving a continent closer so it's right next door to europe and not terribly far from america. in syria we don't need a
4:42 pm
no-fly zone or putting u.s. boots on the ground, but support more secular forces in the civil war and should do that politicalically around the region and realizing the enemies of our enemies are our friends and we may need to support people that aren't exactly boy scouts, but we have serious u.s. interests, it's quite essential for our interest and for the safety of security, the security of americans abroad and american citizens right here in north america. >> i don't want a post-it note what you're saying, but to bring it in, one thing i got out of what you said clearly, christian, we don't have enough to this point and we're going to have to. christian joining us tonight, thank you very much. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: and rescuers going into a mind looking for workers trapped after an accident on the job. it's our top story as he we go around the world now in 80 seconds. china, that search coming days after a cold gas outburst
4:43 pm
happening at a state-run coal mine. 18 miners on the site at the time. two injured. 11 are still trapped. gas levels are now low enough for rescuers to go in and no word what caused the accident. greece, a bomb planted in a trash bin explodes at a shopping mall near athens. two security guards wounded and the stores were closed, but the movie theater was open. authorities saying they evacuated the area just before the explosion. warning calls were made to the local media before the bomb went off. france, snow grounding nearly half the flights in paris, hundreds of passengers stranded in airports, tough winter weather causing problems for travelers in cities across europe, heathrow airport forced to cancel hundreds of flights as well. turkey, camels battl in an arena over a girl. two males decked out in
4:44 pm
bead-embroidered saddles fighting for the affections of a female camel in heat. she stands by watching, we're told. in the end the camel owners get a turkish carpet and the boy camel is happy, too. that's a fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. investigators are doing an about-face in a big mess surrounding boeing's 787 dreamliner, boy, they're had a bumpy couple of weeks. they now say that an electrical surge was fnot for leaving the batteries-- and are though closer to figuring out the recent scares in the air? all right, we'll show you the batteries after the commercial, i promise. and also, it looks like hurricane trashed this house, no, police say a car went through there. we'll tell you more. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day
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>> boeing's troubled new passenger yet jet. the 787 dreamliner is no closer it seeing the problems and federal investigators have ruled out excess voltage as the cause of the battery fire aboard one plane. they were hoping to blame a default in the battery. the national transportation safety board will now widen its investigation including the battery's charger. in the past month there have been two fires on board two 787 jetliners, both operated by japan airlines. one plane was forced to make an emergency landing causing governments around the world to ground the dreamliner and boeing won't resume deliveries until the problems can be solved. a home now looks like a war zone after a man in a car decid decided to take a detour across the living room. it's our fox trip across america. oregon, police say the driver was drinking and travelling 100 miles per hour when he hit
4:49 pm
the house. >> i said what in the world did he just do. he said obviously, i just drove my car through the husband. >> the damage so severe, the home owner had to fish pieces of debris from a koi pond in the back yard. the home owner or the driver were not hurt and he tried to get away, police arrested him a short time later. texas, a happy reunion between mother and son. years ago the mom moved to the u.s. from cameroon and had to leave the baby boy behind to be raised by his sister. and now she's a u.s. citizen, a degree and a visa. and her son, she wasn't sure what to expect until they met face-to-face. >> and how biggest. >> and i'm so excited. california, a puppy born without eyes, will get to see
4:50 pm
a long happy life. a volunteer saving nine month old from an animal shelter and setting up a facebook page to try to find him a home. >> he has a passion for lives, he's happy otherwise, and it's like, why in the world, now, do you not see how freshes he is. >> a canadian couple deciding to take him in, and that's a fox watch across america. police call it the next step in fighting crime. but are they going too far? tonight, concerns over whether these little devices could violate privacy in a big way. plus, a waiter witnesses a diner mistreating a five-year-old boy with special needs so he did something about it and now he's being called a hero. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene.
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>> controversy brewing tonight over our protection, our privacy, and our fingerprints. police say new fringer print scanner technology is helping them capture criminals. critics argue it could go too far. and dominic di-natale is with us. >> hi there, harris, this technology recently helped the mesa police department pin down a homicide suspect in a matter of minutes, but yes, it's raising serious questions about increasing police access to victim's personal information on the fly. >> it's wonderful 'cause where we used to be chasing a rabbit around the bush, trying to identify them. >> mesa patrol officer todd reed is working his beat armed with a new tool identifying suspects, a fingerprint scanner.
4:55 pm
with the man's concept he scans the left and right index fingers and against the name the man gave. within seconds, it's a match, a clear message to those who might give a false i.d. >> and the truth would help, especially if you gave the information information and pull it up anyway and catch another charge if you're in any way dishonest with the information. >> mesa police department has been trying out a handful of the scanners and soon have a lot more against the data base. since the system isn't tied into the fbi, it'd be handy if it was tied in the national system. >> that raises questions about privacy and rights even though the scan information isn't detained, but there's accusations of a creepy police state. >> there should be rules, they shouldn't ask people to quote, unquote, voluntarily turn over the fingerprints. when a police officer asks you
4:56 pm
to voluntary do something, it's never voluntary. >> reporter: and mesa police officials would like to see their very own noncriminal data base of citizens here, but aware of the senstivities of civil liberties and say that america isn't ready culturally for that. and they added one key word to the sentence, yet. harris? >> all right. dom di-natale live from arizona. thank you. a houston texas waiter takes a stand against poor table manners and restaurant patrons get a taste of kindness after pretty mean remarks were said about a kid inside the restaurant and take a look, it's our nation's capitol the site of tom's presidential inauguration after today's private ceremony. fox's coverage of the big event continues. side? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins.
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